Wedding Planners Process

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As with most wedding consultancies, we will usually start off by sitting down with the couple in order to learn exactly how the clients envisage their wedding day developing, from the moment they wake in the morning to the time they depart the party amid an explosion of fireworks at the end of the night. Although we often see the groom shying away from the initial planning process, we always try to encourage his input. It is vital to try to get him ‘on board’ as early as possible, for you can be sure that 2-3 months down the line – when many of the major decisions have been taken – he will begin to show an interest and realise that maybe this wedding lark isn’t as dull as he had at first expected! Regret is a terrible thing and something that we only learn about with hindsight!For more detailsĀ wedding planner.

Once the all-important Wedding Plan or Brief has been compiled, it is the Wedding Consultant’s job to start locating the suitable wedding venues, suppliers and wedding services. Naturally the wedding venue is the primary concern. Once this is shortlisted, inspected and booked, the other required wedding services and suppliers can be sourced and shortlisted for the client’s consideration. Although the Wedding Planner will source all venues and services and offer knowledgeable guidance and advice, the choice as to which companies to use will be decided by the couple. There should not be any pressure exerted by a Wedding Planner at this time. If it happens that you do feel pressured, one might assume that the Planner may be on commission from the said supplier, so be insistent and remind your Planner that their role is to assist, not to decide!Once all the suppliers have been selected, the set designed, the budgets are met and timelines have been finalised, it is usual for the Planner to assist with the rehearsal and then oversee the wedding day to make sure the needs of the bride, groom and wedding party are met.

“Can I Justify the Added Luxury of a Wedding Consultant?”

It can often be the case that a Wedding Planner can save you money. They can negotiate special discounts with the venue and other wedding services which will then be passed on to you. Alternatively, if a discount is not attainable, they can source you a venue or supplier that offers a high quality service at a competitive price.

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